Wednesday, November 24, 2010



  1. It reminds me a tale by Rabindranath Tagore, about a very poor couple. She waits at home for his mate, who sells fruit at the market. It's their anniversary of wedding, and she wants to buy something for him, as a gift. But she has no money. So she sells her own hair to get some rupees and buy a tobbaco case for him. Then her husband comes back home with his own gift for her. He has sold his pipe and bought a comb for her beautiful hair......

    Just one question. Are you vegetarian? We have a museum at the moon, and we'd like to invite you, but we only admit veggie artists, in order to inspire some conscience about animal rights.

    Anyway, you're a talented artist and we love you. Go on doing landscapes and portraits, your skills are very high.

  2. hi frida mam,thanks for the inspiring coments........& Thank you for sharing ur good thouts.

  3. The relationship in this drawing is very sweet.
    Yes, you are a very versatile and talented artist .... thankyou for visiting my blog. :)